Choosing a Location

Choosing a location for your portraits is an essential part of the planning process. This can set the entire mood for your session and helps determine which clothing you should wear as well.

I've put together a list of locations in the CSRA that families can choose from (aside from mini session locations) that will best capture them in their preferred setting.

The Aqueduct Park

This particular location offers so many different opportunities for portraits. There is at least 5 different spots within this small area that your family can have as a backdrop to include a waterfall, bridge, field, dirt road and paved path.

Savannah River Rapids

The rapids are absolutely stunning year round, even when nothing is growing on the trees. There's a lock bridge, a steel/paved bridge, water and dirt pathways as well as numerous trails.

Langley Pond

One of my favorite spots mainly because it's so close to home. The dirt path surrounded by trees and life that is always green and glowing make for the perfect setting for portraits.

Downtown Aiken

The Alley and all of Downtown Aiken has so many different possibilities that we could spend hours roaming the area taking portraits for you and your family, and then stop for bite to eat afterwards.

Hopeland Gardens

Always a beautiful place and we get to feed the fish. Perfect for beautiful portraits year round.

Brick Pond Park

Brick Pond Park is perfect for smaller families or couples. There are Alligators at this park so it's best to be cautious but also have fun.

I do not allow pets at sessions at Brick Pond Park.

Sesquicentennial State Park

This location is for my Columbia area clients, or those in Aiken/Augusta that wish to use this location. It's absolutely beautiful and on the water. I love going here.

There is a $6/person entry fee that clients are responsible for upon arrival.

Redcliffe Plantation

A beautiful historic site in Beech Island, SC.

It's the perfect meet in the middle between Augusta and my home and works for so many different types of sessions!

Elijah Cove

Perfect beach location. Giving water vibes and beautiful sunsets!

Augusta Riverwalk

It's a great place to just relax and stroll while still being about to grab some great water shots and city shots.

Citizens Park

This is where a lot of sports photos are taken, particularly soccer & baseball/softball

South Boundary

I absolutely love this road however, it is in fact a street. this location is specific to older teens and couples. Absolutely no young children.

Studio Space

My studio is going to be undergoing construction over the winter months. We're converting half of my garage to a studio space so we have more room. In the meantime, we use my dining area inside my home - which is of course, warm, cozy and spacious with plenty of room for parents and siblings to hang out, watch a TV show (to entertain littles) and capture those memories for you.

In the studio - whether it be in my dining area or garage conversion, it is specifically designed for children. On rare occasions, I can accommodate families up to 6 however, this is rare. Backdrops are ordered specifically for small children and headshots only.