The importance of our pups

It's 2024, everyone has technology at their fingertips to take photos and videos of their families, dogs, scenery and the world around us. I want to stress the importance of doing this not only on your own with your phone or camera but also hiring a professional.

I'm sure everyone has read on social media, the news and other outlets about the XL Bully Breeds in the UK and what is happening to them over there. It's truly heartbreaking and cruel, and it's not the first time this has happened with a breed of dog unfortunately. I'm a bite survivor, I almost lost my eye at the age of 6 years old to a pitty/rotty mix. It took me a very long time to overcome the fear of any breed that resembled them, really anyones dog that was bigger than a football, I wanted nothing to do with them.

It wasn't until 2015 when my husbands 1SG needed someone to watch their APBT while they were deployed to Kuwait. It was tough, even my husband struggled with asking me as did his 1SG knowing my history once my husband told her. I am so glad I did. I am so glad that I gave him a chance, brought him into my home and let him become a member of our family for 9 months. He did get protective over my children and me, he did scare me at first, I did keep him and my small breed separated for my dogs safety for the entire 9 months. I also loved him so much, he was such a big baby and a riot to play with. How I "despised" that breed any breed that resembled it for nearly 20 years blows my mind. I understand why, PTSD and fear. Fear of knowing that this dog could potentially kill me if it were to attack and get me in the right spot, but he didn't, he was a big baby.

So I bring you to my point - it's not the breed, it's not the dog, it's the upbringing and training. Are some dogs predisposed to violent tendencies, absolutely - just like humans are, but you don't see us getting muzzled, euthanized or told me we need to be leashed 24/7.

Hire the photographer to take the photos of your pups, hire me to take those photos because I can promise you, I will love those doggies and give them all the scratches possible during your session. Bring your pups to your family sessions, they're apart of your family. I can promise if you let me know beforehand I will ensure they're included and I'm prepared to handle them for photos without them as well.

I had my studio area set up today and I called my neighbor to bring her bishon over after photographing my pug, I needed to do more, and I still do. I want to continuously do them, all year round every chance I get! Bring the small dogs, big dogs, teacup dogs, puppies, elders, middle aged crisis dogs. I love them all.

#SaveTheXLBullyBreeds #BreakTheSilence #LoveEndsHate